A firm kick in the pants
This last chance to get things right
This was one time I closed an eye
Looked away from you

Look out for yourself tonight
Sometimes I have to get things right
I never meant what I said to you
To give up all the things that you love to do
I’d never guessed that you’d done me wrong
I’ll never accept that dance and song

A little time to adjust
Would be just what we need
I’ve meant to tell you what I think that you think
When I cross your mind

Stressed at the light
Whats wrong with being uptight
I never say what I intend to
But does it mean that much to you
I’d a close call with a glitch in time
Are you really that happy to be mine

No I’m not disguising
All that fighting
And dreams not coming… true

I will play some light from the sun
The world by my side
I will see down as a forlorn maiden in the sky
And I will play a song of thunder you may recognize
You make a never
Thats forever
Knowing what you deny
When I revisit the past its a blast

I’ve just gotta move on
I’ve just let down someone I relied on
And I dont see why

¿How did we pretty up that speech?
M City talking through me!

I’ve never done what I set out to do
Don’t come to me ‘cuz I’ll run from you
Left out of life would I really care
Not a whole lot
There’s nothing for me there!!!

I’ll never forget… the limits that we set
Back when it was out moon
I never made a pretence of living with good sense

It’s really not my strong … suit …

(Título original: A Firm Kick/ Autor: J. Frusciante)
(Título modificado por voluntad propia)